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North Dakota Bound

“Let us continue to love one another. We have not lost our voices, so let’s advocate ever more passionately for the causes we believe in. Let’s work together for the betterment of all who share in the experience of life.” I wrote that in the journal I kept about the experience; it is a notion that I will continue to abide by.

Awake and on the road by 6 a.m., my roommate and I were about to embark on our second road trip together, to support those in protest against the North Dakota Access Pipeline which intends to intrude upon the land of the Sioux tribe. Nine hours and countless miles of open road through Northern Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota couldn’t deter our will or passion for this cause. Having previously attended a peaceful gathering in the historic district of Fort Collins, Colorado we decided it was imperative to take action. After so many hours of straight road through South Dakota, easily our longest stretch, one reflects on the brief winding road through Black Hills National Forest. Filled with life updates, laughter, and naps, the drive was half the battle and half the magic of road tripping with one of your best friends. As college students, we tend to believe our reach is short and efforts in vain. They certainly are not. Taking a weekend to enjoy each other’s company and inspire the activist efforts in one another was a great start to the adventure.

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