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Uganda: Incredible

When I arrived to the school, Esther crawled into my lap; it’s the last story time I would spend with her. Connections made were not in vain as precious little hands embraced each other around me as we read. As hours passed, one by one, the children I had grown to love began to fall asleep. Sitting in my lap she rests her head against my chest as we gaze. Blissfully in each other’s presence, we take in this beautiful moment; our last night spent under a sky splattered with stars in a display of pure divinity. Woken by ringing bells, it was time to say goodnight. Tearful final hugs and an exchange of tokens facilitated the notion that it was real. The month we spent experiencing life together had come to an end. Hand in hand we embraced each other in love and positivity, we rejoiced in the memories and said our farewells.

What an incredible setting. Los Angeles is the supposed city of angels when all the real angels remain in a place far in distance yet so close to my heart.

I still look to the stars at night and whisper sweet nothings to the moon hoping my message will reach them.

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